The Art of Wandering


yay first post!

nature blog is nature blog.

To students out there that i’m a student too! so if you’re one of those asking “singapore kind find these kinds of things meh” or “where to go to see all this!”, you really don’t have to go too far. you just have to keep your eyes open, and maybe, see things differently.

here i define wandering as walking, and well, seeing things that people usually miss, i.e. other forms of life which aren’t immediately obvious. this is for people who ask how and where i see the things i find o.o

The Art of Wandering

i guess there really isn’t much to it, but these are the general guidelines i go by when i wander,  whether or not you want to follow it, it’s really up to you (:

  1. Choose your trail! it can be anywhere, from somewhere specifically more natural like btnr or sbwr, or just anywhere. life is everywhere.
  2. Clear your mind. forget all your work/schoolwork, worries and everything else that may distract you from the walk, focus on nothing but the present. only then will you begin to hear and see things.
  3. Shut up. not only yourself, no music or mp3s, no chatterbox friends. this not only allows you to focus more on your surroundings and hear more sounds, you won’t chase stuff away. as much. by preferrence i usually walk alone, or in small groups. in groups i guess with more sets of eyes you’d have a higher chance of seeing things.
  4. Look beyond your eye level. well we can’t expect everything to appear before us within our usual field of vision! try to see things beyond our normal perspectives. i.e. look down/up once in a while.
  5. Stop. every now and then when you feel like you’re in a particularly nice spot, stop and wait. you may be surprised
  6. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. life is sneaky, it likes to hide under rocks and rotting wood (hint hint wink wink). of course, replace anything that you move to its original position after.
  7. Look Very VERY carefully, things may not be what you think they are at first glance.
  8. Apply wherever/whenever you can! life is everywhere, if you look closely enough (:

i’ll add more stuff as i think of em, and if anyone has any suggestions do tell me (:

a rhinoceros beetle, found at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. like i said, life can be found anywhere, even in the most unexpected places.

and in the case of this Cycad Blue butterfly, even in school (:

here be a kind of broken twig  spider, that when on a branch, very much resembles a broken stump of a twig. so, look very carefully!

another cryptic creature, this time a grasshopper. even its eyes are coloured to blend into the background!

this Chyrsso sp was hidden on the underside of a leaf, visible only when one stoops down and looks up. this was found at sentosa, so people who only go there to have fun often miss out on the life that’s abundant both on land and at the shore.

the polka-dotted sea slug  Jorunna funebris, an example of life found at sentosa’s shores

red-eyed reef crab, found under a large rock, also at sentosa.

even the charismatic octopus can be found at heavily developed sentosa.. you just gotta know where to look (;

i have many more examples.. but i think i’ll stop here for now (:


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by siango on March 7, 2010 at 5:25 am

    Yes yes wow I totally agree with your 8 rules of wandering, I actually use them ALL the time, just that I’ve never bothered to put them down in black and white! Good job (:

    If you want to, please feel free to use ANY of my (yes, amateur, I know) pictures from Nature@Raffles, just remember to mention where they were taken! Looking forward to more posts (:


  2. One more rule 😛 : don’t take anything, don’t touch anything, don’t kill anything, don’t leave anything behind. (:


  3. Great rules for wandering and great nature photos in a truly urban landscape!


  4. I’ve got one here: Take it slow, smell the flowers, speak to the trees from within, and yes, smile – there is no reason not to; walk with Nature, not in Nature. Don’t you agree? : )


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