Sea Bunnies!

Sea Hares (Order Anaspidea) are large sea slugs found in both our Northern and Southern shores, and are apparently seasonal. though they are also mollucs, Sea Hares are NOT nudibranchs!

This couple was found at Cyrene Reef (i forgot to post in the cyrene post)

This should be an Extraordinary Sea Hare (Aplysia extraordinaria), correct me if i’m wrong! if you look carefully you can see there are actually two of them, a smaller one atop a larger one. Sadly, Sea Hares often die soon after copulation/laying eggs.

Seagrass beds, as mentioned in the previous post, provide breeding and nursery grounds for many forms of marine life, and are vital to sustaining life in the sea and indirectly our supply of seafood, so look after our waters, and keep them clean!


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