Curious Cricket and more – Macritchie 09/04/10

i had time to kill before biosoc camp last friday, so i decided to bring a whole bunch of people (8 this time o.o)

It was nice to see some familiar faces, as well as some new ones (:

The first thing we saw was this beetle with a green head and thorax, but blue elytra which i have not seen before and which i cannot ID D:

Then there were the usual spiders lining the boardwalk on the shrubbery next to the water.

Familiar face!

and a new one (although its face really can’t be seen. haven’t seen that abdominal pattern before!)

The forest ants were up and about as usual


and here’s a video of one of them preening (:

Watch it in HD! bah you can hear my awful case of the sniffles D:

Hiding under a leaf was this Common Cricket, which i have come to refer to collectively as Jiminies (:

For a cricket, this guy kept pretty still its eyes seemed fixed on my lens, following it and staring with a strange intense curiosity. (usually i only get this from jumping spiders)

okay so hes not really looking at the camera in this shot.

last but not least, it was nice catching up with my favourite pitcher plant, Victreebel, who’s still hanging around (:

One of Victreebel’s many pitchers, no ants this time.

It’s really fortunate to have such a wonderful place so near school, and its kindof a pity how most of the students don’t know what they’re missing. even those who to go to the place don’t usually look out for life, hopefully programs like ecolit and biophilia will have some impact on students’ mindsets (:


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