A new toy and a ladybird

Got a conversion lens today that can be attached to the lens i already have, for either wide angle or macro functionality! Quite useful since i’m on the lookout for bugs most of the time

Testing the lens

Can actually make out the words on that tiny line on the $2 note!

Close up!

Quite handy indeed, lots of bugs whose photos i had to crop to make things out clearly can now be taken straight from the camera! cropping produces even finer detail, but heh don’t really have to spend time cropping anymore.

Seems to be a rather worthy investment so far, though it’s quite a hassle to mount. This will last me till i’m out of NS, when i’ll probably invest in a DSLR and proper macro gear!

Tested it out in Pasir Ris Park’s kitchen garden earlier this evening, but the sun was setting so the images are kinda noisy due to high ISO. Looks like a flash would be really handy..

Tried it on the resident keranga ants, none were in focus though ): need to work on that

Sadly, the photo with the best focus.

One of the many resident metallic green flies. I used to have to crop to see these guys properly!

A nice surprise! I went out really late and wasn’t really expecting to see much, but this guy suddenly popped out from behind a wooden signboard! It’s been a looooong time since i’ve seen a red ladybug, the ones i usually see are either yellow or black with red dots. Too bad i couldn’t get any good shots before it flew away..

Had to crop for this one, i really love how nature is so symmetrical in its design (:

Yay, can’t wait to try the lens out again!



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