Venus Drive – Abuzz with Activity!

Had some stuff on back in school today, and in between i had some time so i decided to drop by Venus Drive  with Abel, Bern and Mark since it’s so nearby.

This time we didn’t even get to reach the bridge, there was just so much going on! Mating, eating and being eaten, there was a flurry of life on both sides of the trail.

Grasshoppers and katydids and their nymphs abound!


There were also a number of hemipterans, some of which resemble moths on first glance. While being similar in shape, the wing patterns vary, are they the same species or different ones?

There was a wingless one too! Either its wings aren’t obvious, or it could be a nymph.


Spiders were everywhere as well!

As usual, jumping spiders (salticids) were the cutest.

This guy was behaving funny, waving its forelegs like claws and waving its butt in the air, perhaps mimicking a scorpion?

Lynx Spiders


Wolf Spiders, who were particularly active

A female individual with an egg sack (ootheca), when the babies hatch they cling on to the mother’s abdomen in a clump ball thing. There were a number of females running around with egg sacks today

This one was feeding on a freshly caught wasp

There were also other spiders i couldn’t ID

This tiny spider has an abdomen that reminds me of a Nautilus shell!

I’m not sure what these two spiders are up to, but it sure looks intimate

And there were other bugs as well

an out of focus wasp

This wasp mimic is actually a fly in disguise!

Mimicry in the animal kingdom serves to help in either hiding from predators, ambushing unsuspecting prey or both. In the case of this fly which is probably a scavenger, it is likely that the former applies here.

A forest fly

A dragonfly i have not yet ID-ed

Lastly, Mark shows us how to beat the mozzies!

Ninjas can hide from anything, even them mozzies.


Venus Drive really has so much to offer, we spend more than an hour within the first 50m of the trail, and this isn’t even all we saw!


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