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Short rant about the image problems of some advocates


I get the feeling that people hate on environmentalists and feminists without even knowing why. Or maybe they sincerely feel that environmentalists and feminists are self-righteous uppity people trying to force their ideals down the throats of others. In any case the discussion soon becomes a fight against the advocates themselves instead of about the issue at hand – If MINDEF had quietly enforced the banning of those lines and AWARE had not been mentioned at all, would the ban face as much protest? These darn hate-fuelled bandwagons.

Also I can’t stand the argument that “There are bigger issues to be worried about like poverty and world hunger, so why are you wasting your time fighting for this cause?”.

Okay first, are you doing anything about poverty or world hunger (metaphor for any “bigger issue” in this case)? If you aren’t, hey at least I’m trying to make some positive change in some way, and if you are, that isn’t really the best way to try and recruit people to your cause.

And just because I fight for one cause doesn’t mean I don’t believe in or support others. Similarly just because you feel one cause may be more important than the other, doesn’t mean you should do NOTHING about the other issues. Let’s pour all our caring into one/a few problems! When are we going to give attention to the “smaller” problems then, which are after all, problems that should still be addressed? When the bees die and take a whole bunch of crops and food supply with them? When a loved one gets sexually assaulted? People who make these statements just don’t get it until something directly happens to them or a loved one or theirs. These problems may be “small”, but by choosing not to address them they can and will definitely snowball into huge ones.

To be fair, on the advocates’ side, environmentalists have to be careful not to come across as completely disregarding humanity for the sake of the environment, and feminists have to be careful not to or appear to hate men, or generalise them as all being evil or rapists. This just does a disservice for your cause, even though most dissenters would already have pre-conceived generalisations that all advocates like that. We have an image problem that needs to be worked on.

End of rant.