The problem with blanket blaming of single groups and/or organisations

Random thought of the day

Very often we hear people complaining about.. well, everything. For example, within the nature circle, be it issues about trash, animal welfare etc, it is clear that nobody likes AVA. Some of the comments get pretty harsh – and to a large extent the distress is understandable.

I guess what I’m trying to say with this post is – not everyone in that organisation is a complete jerkwad. By blanket blaming (e.g. “AVA is totally hopeless and full of shit”), we include, in our insults, individuals within that organisation who genuinely are trying to help. In fact I commend this individuals – it must not be easy working for the “bad guy” and trying to change processes from within. They try hard, but their views aren’t always taken into account ultimately in the final decision, so the resulting course of action may not be the one they desire, yet they get blamed for it as well. There are unrecognised heroes behind the scenes most of the time, and I think it would be great to acknowledge their efforts too, encourage and support them.


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