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Sentosa again!

Well last saturday was about the 14th time i’ve been back to Sentosa’s Tanjong Rimau within the past 2 years, this time to conduct a recce together with Walks of Life, a guiding project in our school.

When we first approached Rasa Sentosa, there were signs saying no entry and stuff, but we figured since TR was a public area the signs only applied to the resort, so we just bashed.

Despite the low tides today (0.2), we didn’t see as much as the last time we came, but there were still new encounters!

Brown or Floral Egg Crab (Atergatis floridus), we’ve seen em on almost every trip we’ve made down to TR! Glad to see they’re still active enough to come out to greet us :D. like all xanthid crabs though, they are toxic, and cannot be eaten (not even after cooking/boiling).  they are also listed as Vulnerable in the Singapore Red Data Book.

A stunning Pimply Pyllid Nudibranch (what an unglam name), (Phyllidiella pustulosa). The bumps may be pink, red, grey, green or blue, in this case Bluish Green! or turquoise.  this guy we haven’t seen here before 🙂

A not so clear photo of a Worm-Eel! these guys have been seen quite often as well, and they swim realy fast! had to chase after it and burst mode.

Headland of Tanjong Rimau, it was around here where i turned over i huge rock that was riddled with holes only to unearth (by accident!) what seemed like a nest of Marine Spiders (Desis martensi)! the rock was crawling with spiders about o.5 cm in size and grey, and in one of the crevices we spied the humongous brood mother which was  about the size of my thumb, the largest ive seen so far! it was also the mature brownish yellow colour. though i didn’t manage to get any pics (the babies scuttled away really fast and the brood mom retreated back into reclusion), here are some representative photos from the last trip.

Under that same rock there was something else that was of an unnatrually large size..

It may look like a long worm, but these are actualy the feet of a brittle star! (body not in picture). its feet were longer than the length from my wrist to the tip of my middle finger o.o

after a while we realised it was kindof late alr, so we decided to ascend a nearby hill to try to cross back to the otehr side of TR where our bags were.

Sam and Joce ascending the steep slippery hill

When we reached the top…

We found ourselves in Fort Siloso. we just didnt know it.. yet.

one of the staff members walked by and eyed us suspiciously.

then as we walked further in, 3 staff members approached as asked if we needed help, to which we responded that we were trying to find the shortest route back to the other side of the shore.

“This is Fort Siloso.. and we’re not open yet O.o”

so we had entered Fort Siloso before opening hours.. without paying the entrace fees nonetheless.

we made our way out and realised the gantry gate thing wasnt even open yet.

It was about 9.45 when this photo was taken.

we made our way back to TR from the Rasa Sentosa side again, but this time we were stopped by cleaners who kept insisting the entry was not permitted.

“but our bags are down there!”

“no, not allowed to come in here.”

sam and wilnard ran ahead but joce and i had to climb down the rocks at the side to get back to the shore.

so we got our bags, and were walking out via RS again when these two important looking chinese and caucasian dudes stopped us and kindof scolded us.

apparently there would be construction work at RS, and all access, even to TR, would not be permitted D:

This is bad cos WOL has a walk planned at TR for the 17th!

i really hope that the construction won’t impact the shore in any way, and that access won’t be blocked off for too long.

in the meantime, i’ll miss the place ):